SimPHY 2.8 released

Simphy 2.8 version is mainly focused on updating graphing module and fixing some critical bugs especially in touch screen devices.


Grapher Enhancements

  • Now we can choose multiple units to plot together
  • Graphs can be stacked over one another, useful especially when units are different
  • Graph legends are displayed on graph itself to allow showing/hiding them quickly
  • Graph has option to take continuous input or plot data for a defined interval
  • Graph has option to update after a pre defined number of frames, which lets user to collect data after every fixed interval of time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed improper handling of touch events at some places in circuit simulator and during picking of objects
  • Multiple mouse events received in single frame are stored in array and passed one by one to event handler
  • Context menu event is triggered from system event rather than creating explicitly from right click event
  • Canvas now supports High DPI screens having non integral scale factor
  • Zoom and simulation speed control sliders are set as non movable to allow changing value with one touch
  • Updated geometry and circuit module to interact with touch/pen