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SimPHY on Mac OS silicon (M1 chipset)

After a huge amount of efforts and time we are proud to announce that SimPHY now works natively on MacOS arm64. However we could’t still create dmg installer, means Jva will have to be installed. Follow the steps to get it working install Java for M1: https://cdn.azul.com/zulu/bin/zulu11.52.13-ca-jre11.0.13-macosx_aarch64.dmg download simphy java app:https://github.com/maheshkurmi/simphy-mac-m1 extract above zip double […]

Liquid Particle Engine added to SimPHY 2.3

We just finished porting google’s awesome liquidfun in simphy. We have written the port from scratch and optimised the algorithm slightly. This particle engine will allow to create Fluid simulations Particle simulations for ideal and real gases Soft body physics simulations Creating distructible objects The particle engine is tightly integrated with simphy’s physics engine, to […]

Liquid Simulation test for Simphy

We tried porting liquidfun (just a quick port with no optimizations) and the results are quite encouraging. Have a look at these example videos We are getting 60 fps with approx 5000 particles on 4 year old core i3 laptop, which I think is quite descent. But porting liquid fun required few changes in Transform, […]

TWL port of JOGL

I have just written JOGL port of TWL:Theme Widget Library. I am planning to rewrite/replace my own opengl gui library used in my project simPHY: the 2D physics simulator, thats why I compared various available opengl gui libraries like nifty-gui, twl, nuklear etc and I found twl to be best suited for my use especially because of its powerful […]

Ported Super Mario game to libgdx..

For demo click here   To learn Libgdx frame work i decided porting my android super mario game to it. It was quite a fun, digging the potential of this game framework. For those aiming to learn game development for whatever reason I will recommend libgdx, since it deploys your code to html, ios, android […]

Plotter in SimPHY is rewamped !

Plotter in SimPHY is updated with several enhancements and tweaks, to make is more interactive and powerful. The update mainly focuses on smoothing of curve/plot(which can clearly be seen in screenshot) and ability to plot graph between any two parameters rather than plot with time as x axis as in previous version.