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Gui Elements added to Simphy

SimPHY now supports its own gui elements which respond to their associated events through scripts. Ex. Button: allows user to write script on its onClick() event. for example function button_onclick(){ var disc = world.addDisc(0.3) } adds disc of radius 0.3 at origin whenever button is pressed.

Scripting added to SimPHY

The long awaited feature finally makes its place in simphy. Now it includes scripting support on world events like onStart, onStop, onUpdate  or there is a collision between objects etc. SimPHY is now more power-full and more robust SimPHY supports javascript syntax for scripting. All the objects and joints created are available as javascript variables to deal […]

Mouse Gesture Demo

Demonstration of physics simulator Simphy’s new feature called universal tool. Now we can control, edit and create objects and joints simply using mouse gestures. It dynamically recognizes shapes and patterns and adds to simulator.

General Usage Demo

The user, using just the mouse and by selecting corresponding tools, can create various physical objects (circles, polygons, gears, etc.) and joints (eg. springs, pulleys etc.) that obey the laws of Physics. This way the user can experiment by creating various scenes/scenarios which can be either simple physics experiments or jus a game demo.