custom changes wpestore

plugin: estore File: paypal.php

line 290: insert

//Done by Mahesh Kurmi on 15 feb 2019: Payment currency and symbols are taken from IPN directly
$payment_currency = $this->ipn_data[‘mc_currency’];
$currency_symbol = $payment_currency==’INR’?’Rs ‘:’$’;

Plugin: estore_extra_shortcode File:shortcode_include2.php

line 142: insert

//Done by Mahesh Kurmi on 16 feb 2019: Conditional buying for product 8
$payment_currency = $this->ipn_data[‘mc_currency’];
$currency_symbol = $payment_currency==’INR’?’Rs ‘:’$’;

Ported Super Mario game to libgdx..

For demo click here
To learn Libgdx frame work i decided porting my android super mario game to it. It was quite a fun, digging the potential of this game framework. For those aiming to learn game development for whatever reason I will recommend libgdx, since it deploys your code to html, ios, android and desktop simultaneously.
BTW you can have a look at source code of the game

Body Types in Simphy Demo

Demo for various type of bodies that can be added to Simphy. You can also create complex bodies by adding multiple fixtures or using constructive area geometry.

Simphy 0.8 (Beta Version) released

After a big time gap Simphy is updated version 0.8 with many new improvements and several bug fixes and improvements.

Biggest Update ever done in Simphy!

This update mainly features following enhancements ..

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