Of course it is.. But you are not permitted (supposed) to distribute it to your friends on your behalf. Kindly insist them to visit our site to get the application. It helps us in increasing our user base.

Download  Simphy for your operating system and follow the instructions on download page. Once you have installed/moved application to your computer, just double click fie with ‘simphy’ icon to run the app.

For get acquainted with basic operations please watch  videos.

Set ‘simphy’ file executable by editing its properties, and then double click to run.

Got something wrong with simphy? You can reset application to initial state using menu>>reset.

If menu is not accessible just delete config.properties files from location where simphy is installed, now application will run with default settings.

Simphy needs graphics card (atleast 512mb) to run at good fps. If it is running slow, make sure graphics drivers are updated. If you do not have graphics drivers please avoid adding images to the simulation as it may make simulation drastically slow.

Simulation may also become slow if there are very large number of objects in it, although for object’s count up to few hundreds it should run fine. You should delete unused objects to make it run at proper speed.

You can also decrease step frequency by selecting simulation settings in popup menu opened by right clicking on canvas.

Actually scripting feature is in very experimental stage. Not all errors are catched or shown by the interpreter. We are working hard on making them more intuitive.

feel free to visit forum for help related to scripting.

If you think your simulation is good enough to be featured on simulation hub upload the simulation to our server using file>>Upload menu in simphy application. It should appear on hub after review.

We are glad to hear this from you!!

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  • Letting others know about simphy by sharing on social media
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  • Creating tutorials and sharing with us.
  • Giving us feeback

Absolutely No!

You can create your simulation with just predefined tools which are enough to create almost 90% of simulations. You will need basic javascript to create complex simulations involving user input or automatic object creation.

Kindly create thread about simulation you want to make in forum if you need any assistance.

You need not be a super human to create applications like simphy rather you need good hold on high school mathematics (especially linear algebra and calculus) and high school rigid body mechanics along with atleast two year experience in programming language of your choice.

The author of Simphy has never taken any course in computer science and he could create it, then why can’t you?

Kindly let us know in detail about what you want to see in next version of simphy. Just fill the contact from with feature request and supporting info/links. We would love to add it if feasible.

It is very difficult to predict new update as it not only depends on severe bug encountered in current version or if an important feature is to be added but also on availability of time for the author.

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FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Read Help

Go through online help or the built in help in Simphy (help menu) to find related topic.

Contact Us

Still could’t resolve your query, Don’t worry !!  Do not hesitate in dropping us a message.

Check Forum

Check dedicated  forum, where you may read few tutorials or post any question you want.