Navigation Controls

With Simphy you can use keyboard shortcuts to do things faster and easier. Although initially it is difficult to remember keyboard shortcuts, but once you are used to them , it becomes extremely handy. I have tried to make shortcuts as intuitive as possible.

These shortcuts are application wide shortcuts and work whenever application has focus.

Keyboard ShortCut what it does
Ctrl + N Creates new simulation
Ctrl + O Shows file dialog to open already saved simulation
Ctrl + I Shows file dialog to import objects from saved simulation to current simulation
Ctrl + S Shows dialog to save current simulation to file
Alt + F4 Exit Application
Ctrl + T show/hide property table
Ctrl + R Resets simulation to initial state (state when it was opened or previously saved)

These shortcuts are intended for object’s creation and interaction with world and will work only when canvas has focus (Click on canvas to get focus).

Add Objects Tools:
Shift + d Sets current tool to ‘Add Disc’ Tool
Shift + b Sets current tool to ‘Add Box’ Tool
Shift + p Sets current tool to ‘Add polygon’ Tool
Shift + r Sets current tool to ‘Add Ring’ Tool
Shift + e Sets current tool to ‘Add Ellipse’ Tool
Shift + g Sets current tool to ‘Add Ground’ Tool
Shift + c Sets current tool to ‘Add Curve/FreeHand Shape’ Tool
Add Joints Tools:
Shift + l Sets current tool to ‘Add Distance Joint’ Tool
Shift + s Sets current tool to ‘Add Spring Joint’ Tool
Shift + h Sets current tool to ‘Add Hinge Joint’ Tool
Shift + w Sets current tool to ‘Add Weld Joint’ Tool
Edit Objects Tools:
Shift + x Sets current tool to ‘Delete’ Tool
Shift + s Sets current tool to ‘Slice’ Tool
Analyze Tools:
Shift + m Sets current tool to ‘Measure’ Tool
Shift + i Sets current tool to ‘Apply Force’ Tool
Shift + j Sets current tool to ‘Apply Impulse’ Tool
Shift + f Sets current tool to ‘Free Body Diagram’ Tool
Shift + t Sets current tool to ‘Add Tracer’ Tool
Miscellaneous Tools:
Ctrl + U Toogle random color of newly created Body
SPACE Play/Pause simulation
Ctrl + Q Performs one step at a time (keep key pressed to perform multiple steps)

With Simphy you can use mouse or touch as an input. long press in touch screen enabled monitor behaves as right click in mouse. Main tasks performed by mouse are

  • Select tool from object creation toolbar and Press and drag to create objects
  • Move already created objects or scene itself by dragging with mouse.
  • Click on object to select it.
  • Drag with Ctrl pressed on keyboard to perform multiple selection.
  • Right click on object to open edit pop up menu for the object.
  • Right click in empty canvas to open popup menu to edit world.
  • Double click to abandon current object creation and allow moving objects/scene.