Toolbars in Simphy

SimPhy is full of plenty of tools to create and analyze simulations.

There are total 6 types of toolbars available.

1. Simulation control toolbar
2. Visualize and Analyze toolbar
3. Add objects Toolbar
4. Add Joints ToolBar
5. Miscellaneous Toolbar
6. File and Preferences toolbar
7. Widget Toolbar

Getting Info:

Hover the mouse over tool to display ToolTip information about what it does, also look at status bar for more information about tool

Show/Hide Tools:

You can show or hide individual toolbar using menu  window>>show/hide tools  and check/uncheck corresponding menu

Rearranging Tools:

The Default toolbar can be rearranged by dragging the dotted line shown as new window or can be snapped to edges.

toolbar dragging in action