Liquid Particle Engine added to SimPHY 2.3

We just finished porting google’s awesome liquidfun in simphy. We have written the port from scratch and optimised the algorithm slightly. This particle engine will allow to create

  1. Fluid simulations
  2. Particle simulations for ideal and real gases
  3. Soft body physics simulations
  4. Creating distructible objects

The particle engine is tightly integrated with simphy’s physics engine, to allow interaction between particles and rigid bodies.

How to add/create liquid:

All rigid bodies in simphy can be converted to liquid by right clicking body and selecting particle type to convert to. You can drag created group of liquid particles using mouse.

How to remove liquid:

Liquid particles are removed in same way other objects. Select delete tool and drag to slect the region of liquid you want to delete.


  1. Forces due to liquids on rigid bodies do not appear in free body diagrams
  2. Simulation does’t save liquid info (should be available from next version)
  3. Particle renderer renders particles as circles only (Different mode of renderers will be included in next version)
  4. Particles can’t be customised (Will be done via script in upcoming updates)
  5. No particle Emitters (Will be done via script in upcoming updates)

Hopefully you will soon see particle engine exposed to script editor helping to create highly interactive simulations along with custom emitters and destroyers.

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