A teacher by profession and Programmer by hobby

MaheshKurmi is a Math/Physics teacher in a prestigious institute located in India. He loves exploring science, developing softwares to assist teaching and playing with electronic gadgets. He has written several apps that help teachers and students in exploring subjects efficiently.

The idea behind SimPhy came from the difficulties he felt while teaching his students deep concepts of physics. He first tried to find a solution on the internet which could be of some use, but what he could find was animations or very specific simulations. So he decided to make his own.

The first step in the process was taken way back in 2010, where he wrote a tiny physics engine in VB.net. The engine was mainly a port from Action-Script Engine written by Alen Clove with some modification for constraints and dynamics. It was really a nice experience and huge fun. You can find it on VBforum and Planet Source Code as open source projects.

He started learning Java for Android and came through an awesome dyn4j library in 2012: which was so nicely documented and written, that he dropped his physics engine and decided to modify this library as per his need. Nowadays this library seems to be very stable, efficient and accurate enough to demonstrate physics simulations in the classroom.

It is an irony that neither he has any official computer science degree nor he has worked ever for any software company at all.  He says that he could do all, just because of in depth understanding of maths and firm determination to accomplish his goals.

If you are interested in working with Mahesh Kurmi, or for business opportunities, or private consulting. Simply send a contact inquiry. To connect in a social capacity with Mahesh, feel free to add him using the social icons.