2D Physics Engine in VB.net

Inspiration for developing something useful for teaching and visualizing Physics came from the difficulties I felt  while teaching my students deep concepts of physics, so we needed a toy to hang on. I first tried finding on internet which could be of some use, but what I could find was animations or very specific simulations. So I decided wring my own.

The first step in the process was taken way back in 2010, where I wrote a tiny physics engine in VB.net. The engine was mainly a port from Action-Script Engine written by Alen Clove with some modification for constraints and dynamics. It was really a nice experience and huge fun. You can find it on VBforum and Planet Source Code as open source projects.

This was first 2D Physics engine in pure Vb.net (I think so as I could’t find another so I wrote this one), inspired from APE engine written in flash by Alec Cove. You can download it from planet Source Code.