An interactive vernier simulator developed as an HTML5 app using SimPHY

The vernier scale is one rechnological device that raises the sensitivity of one scale when its division is subdivided.

On this simulator the scale is 1:100, that means that the graved numbers are tenth hundredth part of the meter or the centimeter – bigger marks, that were subdivided by ten – smaller marks, the millimeter. The vernier has ten spaces between the vertical spaces, so, the instrument divides by ten the millimeter, the smaller division of the main scale, obtaining the tenth of millimeter 0.1mm.

Resolution of the measuring instrument = 1 mm / 10 = 0.1 mm

To interact with the vernier simulation, you can

  • drag the vernier horizontally using mouse to slide
  • drag instrument by dragging other than ‘vernier’ part
  • use mouse wheel or arrow keys to advance the vernier
  • adjust zero error from -0.9mm to 0.9mm using slider
  • scale the vernier to view divisions more clearly using slider