Plotter in SimPHY is rewamped !

Plotter in SimPHY is updated with several enhancements and tweaks, to make is more interactive and powerful.

The update mainly focuses on smoothing of curve/plot(which can clearly be seen in screenshot) and ability to plot graph between any two parameters rather than plot with time as x axis as in previous version.

Major Improvements

  • Customized X and Y axis
  • Multi plots on same graph if parameters have same unit
  • Automatic scaling of plot to render best possible plot
  • Grids and values are adjusted automatically as per range of plots
  • Values are displayed according to number of significant figures in preferences and hence provide better information with extremely small/large values
  • Time Span can be adjusted to render plot for predefined interval.
  • Plots are rendered with anti-aliasing to make them very smooth.

The enhanced version of plotter will appear in next update of SimPHY, so stay tuned!

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