Software Installation – Windows (XP or later)

Installing SimPHY on windows is like a cakewalk. Just download native windows installer and double click to run (it may ask permission, so allow it to continue). Now follow instructions on wizard to complete installation.

Installer screenshot on Windows 7 (x86)

Software Installation – -Mac OS X (10.7 or later)

To install SimPHY on mac, download the dmg file and double click it to mount (it may ask to accept terms and conditions, so accept to continue). Now you will see mounted SimPHY  ready to install app. Double Click this icon to open window like below. Drag and drop simphy icon to application folder to complete installation.

Installer screenshot on Mac

Software Installation – Linux x32 or x64 (Fedora 25/Ubuntu 12 or newer)

There is no gui installer available for linux. SimPHY is distrusted as tar archive for linux platform.

Download archive for your linux platform(32bit or 64bit) and extract it on desktop( or any location you want). Before you can run simphy, you need to make it executable. This is a Linux security feature. There are two main ways to make an it executable:

1. On the command line

  1. Open Terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  2. Make simphy file excutable

    sudo chmod +x simphy

    Replace your file’s name into “filename”

  3. Enter your password. The file is now executable.

2. With the GUI

  • Right Click on the file and select Properties.
  • Select the Permission tab.
  • Check “Allow executing file as program.”
  • Your file will have a different icon and now become executable.
    Note: Double click on the file does not necessarily execute the file. You may have to use terminal.

How to make simphy executable in linux

Software Installation -Generic Java App (Installed JRE 1.6 or later)

Use this version only if you have java installed since it does not have an installation program. To use it, you must be sufficiently expert to install a Java program yourself.

Download and extract archive, now execute (by double clicking) simphy.jar to run app, it should work fine in most cases. If it does’t run try running it with command java -jar simphy.jar  in Terminal to start app.

Software activation with License key

After you have successfully installed the software in your local system. You have to activate it with the License key provided to you via e mail to unlock all the features of Simphy. Right now (before activation) you can see a screen showing Unregistered version means you haven’t done the activation yet.

After that check your mail and copy the product activation key sent to you via mail it should be something like “SMPH*************”. Now open the software by double clicking it. After that go to

Help -> Activate  on the top section tabs.

Then click on the ‘I already have a License. Paste the key you have copied earlier from the mail.

Congrats you have successfully registered. you can see a confirmation message like this

You can now  also see that the watermark of ‘unregistered version’ has been removed now. If not try restarting the app once again it will work.

Watch video for getting started with general working of simphy.