Simphy 0.8 (Beta Version) released

After a big time gap Simphy is updated version 0.8 with many new improvements and several bug fixes and improvements.

Biggest Update ever done in Simphy!

This update mainly features following enhancements ..

  • Automatic Update

    Now simphy can be automatically updated to latest version without needing fresh installation. Just go to menu>>help>>check update

  • Timer Widget

    A fresh timer widget which fires script after a particular time. it can also acts as clock to measure time interval

    between events.

  • HTML text on body

    Each body now has text property which can be set as any html in which all common tags are supported. Right click body to open edit body dialog and click setText.

  • Draggable Toolbars

    Toolbars can be rearranged with  just drag drop using mouse. Toolbars can also be docked to left right or bottom of the frame.

  • Drag drop files

    Simulation files can be associated in windows to be opened with simphy by double clicking it. Supported file can be dropped on application to open it directly.

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