SimPHY (Beta Version) updated to 0.9

SimPhy is updated to new version which involves many tweaks and some long desired features. This updated is mainly intended for better visualization support to understand physics better.

What is new ?

  • Enhanced Free Body Diagram Support

    Visualization of forces is even more better with this update. Now forces are rendered as solid arrows and can be customized with information or name of force displayed in diagram.

  • Custom Coordinate Axis

    Simphy is more restricted to default Coordinate axis can be customized for direction of origin by simple drag and draw. In-formations for forces velocities  and position of objects now shown or edited in new frame. I helps user in resolving forces or velocities in desired direction.

  • Organised Preferences Dialog

    Preferences Dialog in Simphy is now more organised and includes support for free body diagram and vector information settings also. Similar settings are now grouped in same tab to make preferences dialog more intuitive.

  • More Powerful Tracer

    tracer attached to a body can now display angular velocity along with linear velocity. It also supports customized display of velocity and angle info.

  • Tweaked Gui

    Gui Elements for scripting are now more beautiful and consistant with design pattern. All gui elements now support transparency and resizing(except button and check box) as well.

Bug fixes and tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Wrongly plotted acceleration in graph widget
  • Timer Widget did not start automatically
  • Frame rate preferences Settings was not applied properly
  • Reset simulation did not work for pre-loaded simulations
  • Some key events were not detected at all if canvas lost focus

Performance Tweaks

  • Tracer has now show velocity option
  • Components of forces can also be displayed.
  • Circle detection is improved a bit in mouse gesture.
  • Contact forces for a surface can be merged into single force, to make free body diagram less clupdy
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