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Simphy is a simulation software in Physics and Geometry. It lets you visualize Physics by creating Free Body Diagrams, analyzing Constraints, showing graphs, making circuits in simulations. It also allows users to save and export simulations. This software is created to make understanding of physics better. Simphy can simulate:

Classical Rigid Body Mechanics: Students generally have difficulty in visualizing Rigid Body Newtonian Physics. To rescue them we present you with the most accurate and precise Physics simulator Simphy that generates the curiosity of students and satisfies it at the same time. In mechanics, Simphy simulations can cover almost all concepts.

  1. Static Physics: Deals with the body and systems at rest or in equilibrium
  2. Kinematics: Deals with the motion of object, regardless of its cause
  3. Newton’s Laws of Motion (Dynamics): Studying cause of motion

Kinematics NLM

  1. Centre of mass
  2. Conservation of Momentum
  3. Collision

COM Collision

  1. Rotation
  2. Work, Power & Energy

Rotation WPE

  1. Electrodynamics


  1. Current Electricity (Sim Circuit)

Circuits Demo

  1. Optics Optics Demo
  2. Modern Physics
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Fluid Mechanics
  5. Kinetic theory of gases
  6. Lab Experiments

Lab Experiments Demo