SimPHY Java

Install and run SimPHY java app

The following generic Java version of SimPHY is for use on operating systems that are not supported explicitly on the list in downloads (like Solaris etc) or you get some trouble in installation. It is just a plain java app so, you must be sufficiently expert to install a Java program yourself.

Requires a preinstalled Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.11 or later

91 MB

Steps to run

Follow the following steps to run java version on your system

1. Install Java 11 from

2. Download Simphy java version from

3. Extract above folder and double click simphy.jar it should run

4. If still does’t run open terminal/command prompt and navigate to this folder (for example in windows, press shift+ right click , you will see option in context menu)

5. Now execute command java -jar simphy.jar.

6. You will see error message there, pleasesend it to us, we will surely help you fix it.

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